May 23, 2023

Using Forgiveness, Love, Purpose, and Thought To Transform Your Self-Identity : Michelle's Story

Using Forgiveness, Love, Purpose, and Thought To Transform Your Self-Identity : Michelle's Story
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Michelle Jackson is a wife, mother and MiMi (grandmother), Christian, Certified Life and Transformational Healing Speaker and Coach, Voice Over Artist, Author of 4 self-published books, Poet, NAMI Chicago Ambassador and Speaker, and a Volunteer Community Education for Saprea. As the author of When She FLPT, and with a history of severe clinical depression, 4 suicide attempts, molestation, incest and sexual abuse, Michelle teaches women with scars how to get FLPT through forgiveness, love, purpose and transformed thoughts thereby helping to foster mental wellness. Additionally, through coaching, speaking, meditation, and poetry, she helps individuals overcome past trauma and address mental wellness by designing pathways and practical processes to gain recovery and restoration. Currently, Michelle speaks on NAMI Chicago's Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) panel and Bridges of Hope, and has been a keynote speaker for several conferences, workshops, webinars, panels and seminars. She offers a variety of speaking packages with a focus on Women’s Empowerment, Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention, Mental Health and Wellness, and Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

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When She FLPT: Overcoming Suicide Through Transformed thoughts.

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