Feb. 16, 2023

Sue Mandell : Proven Methods for Achieving Success and Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Sue Mandell : Proven Methods for Achieving Success and Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Today Jan is joined by renown speaker and Addictive Behavior Specialist Sue Mandell to share some tips and tricks to help influence your self-talk and inspire you as a listener to alleviate your limiting beliefs.

As an International Best-Selling author and a woman who has shared stages with
Martha Stewart, Suzanne Somers, and Les Brown; Sue Mandell is who you want
showing you a simple step by step system to becoming an ACE Speaker; how to grab
their attention and have fun while you’re speaking.

As an Award-Winning Speaker Sue has spoken at Carnegie Hall, The Harvard Club of
Boston, and The NY Bar Association. She has been honored as the ‘Woman of the
Year’ by a National Non-Profit and been interviewed by all major news networks; ABC, CBS, NBC and radio stations nationwide.

Sue has her Master’s in Business, is a Licensed Personality Science Expert, as well
as a Master Trainer & Practitioner of NLP.

Sue has been helping others to increase their sales and deepen both their business
and personal relationships. Sue has been helping her clients to permanently change
undesired behaviors, overcome limiting beliefs and addictive behaviors for more than 3 decades.

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