May 2, 2023

Stephanie's Story : Identify It, Get Rid of It, and Replace it

Stephanie's Story : Identify It, Get Rid of It, and Replace it
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Stephanie Parrish is an internationally certified Hyperbaric Oxygen therapist, a nationally certified PBMT Light therapist and an internationally certified Microcirculation therapist with Avacen Medical. As founder of the Vitality Health Show, airing internationally on the Voice America network, Stephanie has expanded awareness of Alternative Health options and brought the message of hope, healing and miracles to the world. Her knowledge, compassion and engaging style together with consistently outstanding, often world-renowned guests, has attracted an ever-increasing number of listeners in the United States and around the world. Stephanie’s passion is to find hope and miracles in even the most difficult circumstances, and the show is an inspiration to many. Stephanie has recently opened a new health and wellness clinic Vitality Health Solutions, Hyperbaric Oxygen and Light Center in Montpelier, Idaho.

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