Sept. 15, 2022

Kendra Crompton: Holistic Health Coach, Therapist, & Author

Kendra Crompton: Holistic Health Coach, Therapist, & Author

Today, Jan & Dave are joined by Kendra Crompton, a visionary and dedicated mentor, life coach, and motivational speaker. She has witnessed a perfect confluence of physical, emotional, social, and mental health through her work. Kendra started as a fitness trainer, but learned how to treat and heal the traumatized mindset in pursuit of total wellness for her clients and herself. Some of her signature techniques are lessons learned on the long climb back to wellbeing after a world-ending divorce in 2017. Kendra is the author of “Life Change Solutions: A Guide for Hope, Health, and Happiness” and shares her knowledge as a health & wellness consultant. Kendra blends the intensity of a physical trainer, the tools used in talk therapy, and the guidance of a nutritionist to help her clients at Life Change Solutions heal in a well-rounded fashion. 

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