Sept. 20, 2022

Jennifer's Story: I was forced to apologize to my abuser

Jennifer's Story: I was forced to apologize to my abuser

Jennifer Lawley tells her story, which gives a clear glimpse of how family dynamics can go off the rails when abuse is exposed. Jennifer’s nephew began assaulting her when they were both very young. This adolescent abuser used both loving bonds and fear to his advantage, making sure he appeared well behaved to his parents while threatening to murder Jennifer’s sister. Amazingly, and uncommonly, Jennifer reported her abuse to her parents. Jennifer’s sister believed her abuser and denied the claims. Jennifer’s father blamed Jennifer for making him choose between two daughters. He would not believe her for almost five years. At school, rumors that Jennifer was trying to destroy her nephew’s reputation began. Join us to explore what the social consequences of reporting abuse can be, and how healing can come for all involved. 

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