Oct. 4, 2022

Helen's Story: Healing Gives Me Power

Helen's Story: Healing Gives Me Power

Helen Clonts’s childhood challenges included neglect, enforced shame, and a suicide attempt. She was abandoned, and then went through the foster care system in Honduras. She was adopted into a U.S. family, and then her adopted father passed away. Through all this, she experienced sexual abuse. Then, one day at a time, she built an indomitable will to heal and give her children better lives. As she moves forward in her healing journey, she is trying to share her story, a crucial step in recreating a better childhood. Listen for all of the ways she found to take strengthening steps, and to find and implement boundaries in her life. She made a final decision to believe that she is worth the effort, and that she would take the time, spend the money, and do whatever she needed to do to find her health. To feel like we're worth it, that we deserve to be happy, healthy and whole, is often the hardest part for survivors. Listen for her wisdom about who to surround yourself with, healing triggers, and more.

Helen’s page: @healingwith_helen

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