Oct. 11, 2022

Andrew Gold: We Need to Talk About Pedophilia

Andrew Gold: We Need to Talk About Pedophilia

What do we do about pedophiles? Are there different kinds of pedophiles? How should we treat non-offending ones? How do people become pedophiles? In this episode, we take a wide look at the issue with Andrew Gold, creator and host of famous podcast On the Edge, where he interviews famous and controversial figures “on the edge” of society. In episode 6, Andrew interviewed Silas, a pedopile in Germany, and then went on a quest to understand the current mental climate around pedophilia in Europe. Now, Jan talks to Andrew about his ongoing research into how offending and non-offending pedophiles are treated, and the cultural shifts that have to happen in order for us to deal with this issue.

On the Edge with Andrew Gold: https://www.andrewgoldpodcast.com/

Jan was Andrew’s guest for On the Edge episode 128.

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